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Tech2Peace is an independent initiative, created and conducted by a young staff of students and volunteers. Our aim is to run High-Tech and peace-building seminars, focused on creating a lasting positive relationship between young Israelis and Palestinians. We believe that these participants will not only leave as peace activists, but also as potential colleagues with a strong basis for future positive interaction.

  • Our Mission

    To equip the youth of Israeli and Palestinian society with the necessary skills to ensure that their can be greater co-operation and co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians in the future.

  • Skills

    Participants will come out of the seminar specialising in Web Building, 3D and Graphic Design or Mobile App Development. Additionally, participants take part in experiential workshops focused on conflict resolution, helping to humanize which helps humanise the conflict on a grassroots level.

  • Sustainability

    Following the completion of the seminar, Tech2Peace participants will not only become peace-building ambassadors, but also have the skills required to take their first steps towards a new-found career in High-Tech.

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